Media Center's Policies:

Check Out:

Every week, students are permitted to check out books as long as they do not have any overdue books on their account.  Books must be returned or renewed weekly in order to get a new book. 


Fines and Overdue Books:

Students are not fined if their books are overdue; however, they are not permitted to check out new books if their account has an overdue book.  Weekly Notices are sent home with the student showing the title of the book(s), overdue date and price.  


Students who constantly forget their books, or misplaces a book after 5 weeks may need to keep them in school.  This will help students with their responsibility of checking out library books.  


Lost and Damaged Books:

Students and their families are financially responsible for any lost or damaged books that are beyond repair.  Please keep all books safe from food, drinks, pets, weather and small children. The number one reason why books get damaged is from open drink bottles in backpacks.  We always inspect our books when returned for damages--We do not check out damaged books to students.


If a student still has a book(s) checked out on their account at the end of the school year, he/she will NOT be permitted to check out books in the following school year.  Sixth grade students will not be able to check out books at the Brackman School if they still owe books at Horbelt.  We send home weekly notices about ALL overdue books once it is overdue.